Fun with Children and Beekeeping

*10th Leper Village, Holy Land

We had an event for children in their school. This school has 173 students from first to fourth grade. We held a fun time with them with face painting and playing with a clown. One of the children that day was **Mansur, an eight-year-old boy who did not like to go to school. He was always escaping from the school because he had a fear in his life and internal problems in his family. After he joined the children’s program that we are running, he became so encouraged and told us, “I don’t want to escape from the school anymore.” His attitude is totally changed and his behavior is becoming much better.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, we began beekeeping training for fifteen persons in our community center. 

These people wanted to start a small business, so the training started for two days a week, covering theory lessons and practical training. Of the fifteen persons, there are three women. One of them is a widow with seven children, of which there are six girls and one boy. She faced a lot of difficulties to raise her children, especially after she lost her husband. She wanted to do something better to be able to help her children and increase her income.


*For purposes of security, “10th Leper Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.
**For purposes of security and wellbeing, “Joe” and “Mansur” are pseudonyms of those involved in this project.