Future Bright Despite Pandemic

Marsabit Village, Kenya


In April, I was not able to visit or coach in Badasa or Boru Haro Villages due to the coronavirus threat and government restrictions on the movement of people. We are suffering from a lack of masks and hand sanitizer. Families in the villages have resorted to wearing old pieces of cloth repurposed as face masks to protect themselves from the dreaded virus. The majority of the villagers have no money to buy face masks, hand sanitizer or even soap for hand washing. The villagers are expecting the county government to assist them with food, but nothing has been forthcoming.


The coronavirus has greatly affected the social and community network, disrupting livelihoods. Village food security has suffered a great hit due to drought the previous season, which was followed by heavy rainfall that caused serious flooding and then an invasion of locusts which destroyed crops and vegetation cover. Now with the coronavirus pandemic, the situation and people’s lives are hugely challenged and strained.The COVID-19 pandemic continues to worsen food security and nutritional outcomes. 


The high level of uncertainty surrounding the spread of the virus and the severity of the economic impacts has increasingly disrupted lives over the last few months. In addition to coping with the threat of illness, many village families are also bracing themselves for an uncertain financial future. Currently, no coaching is taking place in the villages until the situation improves. I will continue monitoring this rapidly evolving situation and will provide additional information as it becomes available. 


Success story


Global Hope Network International has ordered bars of soap, hand sanitiser and face masks. We are hoping to receive the orders by next week. The villagers will have soap for washing hands as well as masks to cover their noses and mouths and remind them to avoid touching their faces. We are planning to create awareness using public health care advice and encourage the use of the pit latrine.


In regard to Education, a high school is being constructed in Badasa Village, which will increase the enrollment of children once it is completed. 


Thank you!



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