Gaining Knowledge in Agriculture

Shambani Village, Kenya

John is a man in his prime age, married to one wife, and blessed with four children. John’s life transformation reflects much of what is happening to the entire Shambani Village.

Before the transformation process John and his family worked tirelessly, and with much effort. But the benefit of it all was minimal, and at times, all their efforts yielded nothing. They reached a point of giving up, despite their efforts to change their lifestyle. They were derailed so much by nature that they never supported nor favored their farming activity. Water scarcity within the region discouraged many besides John and it became a burdening issue to all the community.

After sitting down with our GHNI team in search of lasting solutions John pointed out that they had the land, seeds, and all the required manpower to work their land and make a living from it. What they lacked was adequate water to support their small-scale farming.

The best solution was to learn farming ways using minimal water for maximum yield from their hard work and efforts. We organized an agricultural training trip for everyone in the food production committee.

After the training, they came back very excited. Equipped with proper knowledge, they applied all they had been trained to do to improve their lives as well as enhancing their farming techniques for better production.

Today, John stands with confidence in persuading other members of Shambani Village. He is showing them a good, visible example in his own life and farm. He provides for all his family’s needs, including education for his children, with all the income coming from the farm. Most importantly, they have good health and are enjoying a good lifestyle!


GHNI TCD Worker, Kenya