Gaining a Marketable Skill

Attir Village, Kenya

Attir is our fifth village where we started our Transformational Community Development (TCD) program. Many of their youth dropped out of school and sometimes don’t even graduate to secondary school due to the fees problem. Girls end up in early marriages and unnecessary pregnancy, and boys engage themselves in drug abuse which destroys their lives. As a result, they become helpless, without hope for future generations.

GHNI opened an Empowerment Centre to transform the lives of such poor and hidden among the community. Maria is one of the girls who never graduated to secondary school due to poverty. She enrolled in the centre, where she is learning tailoring and dressmaking, which will shape her life for the future.

Maria is an example to many who are in the same situation as her. By learning tailoring, she is doing something she never dreamt of. To her, it is a fulfilled dream, which seemed to be impossible.

Maria is very happy and grateful to GHNI Kenya for considering her and giving her hope.


GHNI TCD Worker, Kenya