Gaining New Skills, Reaping Great Earnings

Ezbit el Amir Village, Egypt

During our weekly follow up visits with our sewing machine project participants, we visited Hana who specializes in cribs sheets. We found out that she went to the market and bought a large quantity of chiffon fabric to begin manufacturing hair accessories using leftover cloth from factories. Hana bought nearly 10m (about 33ft) of fabric for only 30 EGP (about $3   3€   £2   3 CHF), enough to make about 500 hair accessories. With each priced at 0.50 EGP (about $0.50   0.50€   £0.40   0.50 CHF), earnings will be about 200 EGP (about $22  20€   £15  22 CHF) just this week in addition to her bed sheets sales.  Hana was so excited and works with us to achieve her dream sewing project and helping her husband increase their family income.


After the success of the sewing machine project, we started a new project training 12 ladies in hairdressing. Having training in other backgrounds, they were very excited to learn a new profession to generate income and help improve their standard of living. I learned one of the ladies in training worked for a pampering shop, and in just one day, earned 200 EGB (about $22  20€   £15  22 CHF). These ladies are very motivated to learn.

GHNI National Field Leader