Garden Kits Distributed

Sindh Province, Pakistan


Our village outreach programme is helping the community to raise the resources from their own villages. Until now we are reaching out to 21 different villages to uplift the community. Our recent programmes are making a difference. FAITH (Food Always In The Home) gardens are helping the community to deal with food needs. FAITH gardens and Self-Help Groups are providing more opportunities to share and make strong relations. 


We are still encouraging the communities towards the FAITH gardens. Recently, we have distributed the garden kits (seed, watering cans, instructions and other material) in different villages. We are helping them to understand how to use their own resources for a better life. 


People always love for us to visit their villages and spend time with them. We came to know that they are facing a water problem. After half an hour, a little girl came to me with a metal pitcher and some water. I asked her, “Where did you bring water from?” Her mother told me that she walked half a kilometre to bring water for me. So, the village Committee and team decided that soon we will work to solve their water problem. 


Thank you!


Partner TCD Worker