Blog: Garden of Peace and Hope

Young Artists Draw Crowds

Our exhibitions are excellent and going well in the Garden of Peace and Hope. In recent months, I had good exhibitions that included paintings, theater, handicrafts, and a fashion show with models. One event had to be postponed a week, but it was a wonderful exhibition with so many visitors that it was extended two more days so that all the villagers could visit. The next exhibition was in mid-December. On this day, all the paintings on public display were works by a very young girl who has waited for a long time to be showcased in the Garden of Peace and Hope.


Illuminating Undiscovered Local Artists

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


This fall, we hosted another art exhibition in the Garden of Peace and Hope. More than one hundred visitors attended the exhibition, including the deputy of ministry and some other officials. The works of seven young artists were displayed for two days in this exhibition featuring more than 45 paintings.


Changing Seasons

Autumn has arrived here in the Garden of Peace and Hope. The garden still looks green in autumn with beautiful roses. Although we had some problems, like having no water for almost two weeks due to a water pump problem, we have found some solutions.


Helping Where We Are Able

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


In August, we were unable to hold an exhibition due to an unfortunate happening related to a recent exhibit on the west of Kabul. One of the artists, who had planned to participate in the exhibition, had a relative killed in an accident. Also, some artists who participated in our exhibitions last year had their gallery close, recently.


Featuring Women Artisans

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


This summer, I held another excellent exhibition with the National Gallery, which was held at the Honerstan department. It was a wonderful event with outstanding paintings, handcrafts, and jewelry made by women. The minster and many officials from the ministry attended, also hundreds of visitors including men, women, and children.