Garden Provides Sustenance in Tough Times

Holy Land Garden


January through March was a great time of establishing friendships and partnerships with individuals and other humanitarian organisations. The produce grown at Holy Land Garden has opened several doors and future opportunities. The desire now, as we begin to wrap up this year’s growing season, is to plan and prepare for an additional location. Thankfully, the growing conditions are very friendly for a variety of specialised garden produce. By raising specialised produce, the uniqueness creates greater interest and demand. There is also an intentional attempt to grow highly nutritious produce.


COVID-19 has caused a lot of hardship in this country. Unemployment has increased considerably, and the ability to make ends meet has become more and more difficult. Holy Land Gardens has enjoyed providing for those in need. We are part of the solution.


TCD Update 

  • Water ― Water quality here is not an issue. Rather it is the cost of water that is the issue.
  • Food ― Food distribution to the needy was a highlight as the Garden was in full production.
  • Income Generation ― This has been difficult as so many are in tough times, and the ability to generate revenue is limited.
  • Education/Wellness ― Much has been shared about nutritional health. The produce is of a more specialised nature, which allows for the opportunity to train on how to prepare each one, as well as the benefit of the particular vegetable. There is hope for a future agriculture training opportunity.


Thank you!


GHNI Partner & Transformational Community Development (TCD) Worker