Garden Thrives, Yet Greenhouse Needed

Holy Land Garden*


This past quarter was our first quarter that felt like we could finally say we have been productive despite COVID-19. Agriculture got a great start with good production and distribution of mature produce to needy individuals and humanitarian organisations. There was a superb opportunity to deliver vegetables and fruits to a nearby soup kitchen to help those less fortunate. The project is almost a year old. We now have the historical evidence to look back on to help with planning and performance. It will also help reduce the guessing aspects of the project.


We know that the growing season has its limits, making a greenhouse necessary. There will be an evaluation of that, but currently, finances are limited. We ask interested parties to help fund a small-scale greenhouse for extending our growing season.  A rough estimate would be $5,000 to $7,500 to get it into a productive phase.  


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update

  • Water — The water quality here is not an issue, yet the cost of it is.     
  • Food — Distribution to the needy was a highlight when our garden was in full production.
  • Income Generation — It's too early in the Holy Land Gardens project to have a good understanding of potential future income. We have started to distribute garden produce, but the ability to get income will be an area that needs improvement.
  • Education — Most education that has taken place at this time is on a more personal level. I have seen and experienced six months of the agricultural season at Holy Land Gardens. The value of experience is so helpful!
  • Wellness — Many of the plants that are grown are leafy greens and are very healthy.  There is also an attempt to cultivate plants that are more specialised and known for their nutritional value. Along with this comes the task of educating people on the health benefits of the produce.


Thank you!


GHNI Partner TCD Worker

*For purposes of security, “Holy Land Garden” is a pseudonym for the location we are helping.