Gardeners Weather Heat Challenges

Holy Land Garden


This season has been one of extremes. We started out with abnormally cooler temperatures and even unexpected rainfall, but things changed quickly. We were hit with a week and a half of abnormally hot weather; this time frame brought temperatures that were between 42 and 45 degrees Celsius (108 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit). This really took its toll on agriculture. The small plants acted as if they were hit with a blast furnace, and most of them did not survive. All of the plants were moved to a shady area, but the hot, windy weather was too much.  


Even the newly planted trees had their own challenges as the sun beat down on them. On one tree, the trunk turned black due to the severe temperatures. While it is disappointing to see the impact of the hot weather, it is also a lesson that will come in handy for future reference. It’s very apparent that shade cloth or planting in shady areas will be important for growing things during the summer months. We are also planning on experimenting with portable shade stands to protect young trees as they acclimate to the hot weather. 


While a vegetable garden was not possible due to the timing of the growing season, we have stayed busy with other forms of agriculture. With the help of a group from South America, we planted 15 more fruit trees. All of the trees were supplied with the necessary irrigation lines to ensure they could receive adequate water from the moment of planting. We are excited to have the benefit of the fruit as these trees grow and mature. 


Thank you!


GHNI Partner & Transformational Community Development (TCD) Worker