Gatherings Well Received

Hojagi Cluster Village, Tajikistan


This has been a very encouraging quarter for the Transformational Community Development (TCD) program in Tajikistan. Our hardworking and goal-oriented team has enabled the achievement of progress in many communities.


Recently, we gathered together some of our former TCD workers like Tirkash, the Rais (village mayor), and Ali and Zokir (who are now self-sustaining), along with others who have attended our TCD Training of Trainers (ToT) in the southern part of Tajikistan.  We also invited people from villages that benefitted from various GHNI water projects. They all are thankful for the work of GHNI and our staff that visited.


During the recent holiday season, a special celebration was organised by Akmal, our TCD worker, and several members of the community.  We were able to share a message about reconciliation and unity, which was well received. 


The next three months will involve a plan to conduct more TCD training, as well as initiating Water projects in two community villages. We anticipate that these activities will bring much needed progress and hope to the communities.


Thank you!



GHNI Partner Volunteer