Blog: Gem

The Invaluable Work of Community Health Volunteers

Gem Village, Kenya


Community Health Volunteers (CHV) are a part of an important network across our villages working to provide health education and services to families who may not otherwise have access to care. CHVs have been vital in creating demand for family planning at the community level, as well as linking women and families to the health facilities.



Prioritizing Girls’ Education

Gem Village, Kenya


GHNI is always striving to reach the poor, hidden and hurting people among the community. Transformational Community Development (TCD) has been a highway to reach these villagers and bring light to their desperate lives of darkness. So many lives have been touched and transformed through the TCD program.


Healing from the Inside Out

Transformation is the key to our success. Changing attitudes and helping an individual believe in himself takes time but with determination and continuous coaching, change will automatically come. The vision of restoring hope to those who are hopeless and helpless will be accomplished as it is GHNI ‘s dream.


From Tragedy to Prosperity

Gem Village, Kenya

Gem is a village in Isiolo, mostly dominated by Turkana villagers. The village has lots of challenges, especially its poverty rate. Poverty has led to many problems, including an increase in school dropouts among teenagers and divorce due to financial crises.