Blog: Gem

The Ride of a Lifetime

Gem Village, Kenya


GHNI has mentored and coached so many young families who had lost hope in life. We helped them believe in themselves and realize their potential. Alex is one of the hardworking men whose life changed drastically after participating in the motorcycle project. He was given a motorcycle to operate in order to generate money for his family’s welfare.


Dressed and Ready

Water to Nourish the Soul

Gem Village, Kenya


GHNI’s hope to change the lives of the poor, hurting, and hidden villagers is becoming real and true. The community sounded an alarming outcry to help young children who were left orphans after they lost their beloved parents to HIV/AIDS. The children lived hard lives in brutal conditions. They faced the dangers of wild animals and an ever-changing environment of rainfall and cold winds. They were finally rescued and now have a place to call home.


From Poverty to Poultry

Innovative Thinking Improves Hygiene

Gem Village, Kenya


Transformation is a long process that starts with an individual and extends to the entire community. GHNI took some fundamental needs as tools for transformation. In particular, GHNI focused on wellness and had this play a pivotal role in helping the community transform. As a result, the lives of residents took a positive twist. GHNI’s training sessions have broadened villagers’ awareness and given them new and useful ideas for their daily activities.


A Place to Call Home

Gem Village, Kenya


It was not so long ago that GHNI had heard of the problems in Gem Village and decided to bring the core values of Transformational Community Development (TCD) to this community. Gem was a destitute village and most villagers could not afford the basic necessities of life.


Determined to Succeed

Gem Village, Kenya


The restoration of hope has been real and tangible among the many poor and neglected villages served by GHNI. GHNI has always spearheaded transformation for the poor, desperate and destitute families. It has been almost two years since GHNI extended its hand of help in this village and started the Transformational Community Development (TCD) program.


From Sadness to Safety

Never Too Late for Transformation

Gem Village, Kenya


Gem Village was badly wounded by poverty but is now in the healing process. At one time, poverty had pushed the village so far that many villagers had no option but to pursue illicit brewing and prostitution, just to feed their families. With this came an outbreak of HIV/AIDS, with many children being born HIV positive. Many children were forced to drop out of school, and they too engaged in dangerous behaviors. Often times, this resulted in children dying.