Getting Ahead of the Pests

Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia


A few months ago, in Dida Hara Village, the irrigation field was affected by pests and they lost almost three hectares of vegetables and fruit trees. Thankfully, the government agriculture office has provided pesticide and other technical support. In the future, if this kind of problem happens, they will hopefully be able to better protect the irrigation field.


Additionally, our Transformational Community Development (TCD) Agriculture Group is preparing land for the next harvest. All the members are actively working because they know before their field was attacked by pests, they harvested more than 40, 000 Birr (about $17,000) of crops. Now they are planning to make double that income from the previous harvest!


Due to the ongoing pest control problem, we are working to connect the community with the government. Then if the same severe problem happens again in the future, they can communicate on their own to receive aid.


For the next few months, all five TCD committees are planning to implement all TCD programs available to them to efficiently achieve very good results.


GHNI National Field Leader