GHNI Helping to Replace Stolen Generator

Tuti Village, Ethiopia


The Food Committee, through Transformational Community Development (TCD), helped the community engage in irrigation and in harvesting potatoes. Recently, there was a clash between tribes and the village generator was taken by bandits. This meant the Agriculture Group did not have a pump. This made it difficult to continue irrigation like before. GHNI is planning to provide them with another water pump.


TCD Update

  • Water — Cleaning water for drinking is a big problem in this area. All the groundwater has fluoride and is not suitable for drinking. The Water Committee is helping the community to collect rainwater and purify that water for drinking and cooking.
  • Food — This area produces different vegetables for their own consumption and for sale. The community has now a different alternative for food.
  • Income Generation — The Income Generation Committee engaged in small business activity. The Committee planned, with the help of TCD coaches, to give goats to 13 women. This Goat Loan Programme helps these women to increase their income.
  • Education — The number of students declined and the Education Committee tries to convince the parents to send their children to school. This activity was very encouraging and the numbers increased.
  • Wellness — The Water Committee is helping the community retrieve clean water through the collection of rainwater.


Thank you!


GHNI TCD Worker