GHNI Helps Develop Young Artists

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


The Garden of Peace & Hope looks more beautiful lately despite the pandemic restrictions. Although the Garden was closed, the gardener took great care of it. In the past four months, we had a big project with some artists. I bought 25 paintings from more than 15 artists who needed help to buy materials for their work. The paintings have been sent to Hawaii to a partner school to exhibit and sell. Because of this, the artists are motivated to work harder and have become more hopeful.


Through the Garden of Peace & Hope, GHNI has helped many young people develop as artists. I have been in contact with a number of them since holding the exhibit at the Garden. They are encouraged and motivated even during this challenging time, and they still ask about future exhibits that may take place once the crisis is over.


In other good news, there is a new Minister of Culture and Information, who is also the former Governor of Bamyan province. He is very familiar with GHNI and is looking to expand the work with youth for positive change. Our work with artists has brought about such change. Of those who held exhibits at the Garden, most now teach art. Also, I have heard from many other artists that want to participate in future exhibits.  


In the coming next months, I plan to meet with artists to talk with them regarding how to partner together and promote their works. I am eager for the pandemic to end so we can continue our work. 


Thank you!



GHNI Director of the Garden of Peace & Hope

*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Karem” is a pseudonym for the individual involved in this project.