Giving Back to His Community

Shambani Village, Kenya


Boniface is one of the Shambani Village children whose background was not well known. He faced many challenges during his educational journey but he was focussed and determined to achieve his goals. GHNI has helped him by paying his fees and helping with his personal needs. Boniface never let his background define him and he worked hard to finish his education level with GHNI’s help. 


After he finished his education, where he was trained to be a teacher, he returned to give back to his community. He is now volunteering at Shambani School as a teacher as he waits to find employment. He is very friendly to the children and has helped the children a lot. He has raised the morale of some children who didn’t believe they would make it. He has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to them and they now want to become like Boniface because they believe now that everything is possible. He has become a role model to others and is so thankful for GHNI’s help in fulfilling his dream. He feels that if GHNI had not helped him, he could not have succeeded.