Giving Up Livelihood

Refugees in Jordan

Families Adopting Families 


*Milad is an Iraqi man who lived with his wife *Lava in Qaraqosh, Iraq which is in Nineveh Valley. He was injured back in the 1990s during the Iran-Iraq war which resulted in a lot of surgeries of heart and liver making him a crippled man. His wife is crippled, too, because of a pelvic fracture that happened in a bus accident.


They came to Jordan in 2018 because of the financial and security problems. They lived in a caravan in Erbil which is located in northern Kurdistan, when they were still in Iraq. Those caravans where like refugee camps in Iraq.


Milad does not work because of his condition, he has applied for Australian immigration with a first-degree sponsor which is his sister.


Syrian Refugees


*Omari is a married man from Syria, who has five children; three grown daughters, one baby girl, and one son. He used to be a farmer in Syria and had a house until the chaos which started in 2012 in Syria between the government and the rebels.

One day when the Syrian army was passing by their village to go to the Turkish border, the rebels in the village came out and attacked the army with bird shotguns, so the army stopped midway and bombed the village. On that day, seven people were killed and everyone fled. Almost nobody stayed in that village.


Omari and his family decided to run away to Jordan. They have been living in Jordan for seven years. Omari sells clothes on the streets every day, his son and daughters go to school, but the youngest one is a baby girl whose name is *Abia.  She was so happy with the gifts GHNI gave her, and the family was happy with the food boxes and clothes GHNI gave them.


Yemeni Refugees in Jordan


*Abbas and *Adhara are married and are from Yemen. They have one daughter who was born in Jordan, because they have been in Jordan since 2012.

Abbas used to be a fisherman in Yemen when he and Adhara were newly married.  The situation started getting bad in Yemen. There were rebels everywhere, and a militant group was attacking people.

Abbas traveled to Jordan to find an apartment and a job so that his wife would  go to Jordan after him. During the time, Adhara wanted to flee because it was more dangerous in Yemen. Her father had to go with her to the airport in order to protect her and get her on the plane to Jordan.

Their 3-year-old daughter *Alea was so sweet. She loved the baby plates we gave her and the toys. The family was happy, and we saw big smiles on the parents' faces from the moment we entered the house until we left.



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Milad”, “Omari”,  “Abbas”, “Adhara”, “Alea”, “Lava” and “Abia” are pseudonyms for individuals being helped by this project.