Blog: Goat Loan Program

Creative Business Planning

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


In Mufradat Village, Maliha suggested starting a new project to increase her income. She has a loan and a large debt which she has to repay. The project involves raising doves, and she will sell the babies. We adopted her project and we will support her by paying 75% of the project costs, leaving her to pay 25%.

Helping Dreams Be Realized

In Al Mufradat, Maliha's 16-year-old daughter, Rahma, has learning difficulties and there is not a school that will accept her. She doesn’t know how to read or speak properly, and she needs special attention. GHNI helped by providing a special teacher to teach her. Rahma has a dream to be a doctor one day and we can't wait to see her achieve that dream of hers. She has such a pure heart and wants to help many.


A Family Affair

A Proud Mother and Provider

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


In Al-Khaledia Village, we visited Um Ahmad, who runs a goat-hosting family. During this visit, we noticed how much closer we’ve become to her and her family. You can tell that she was more comfortable, relaxed, and relieved around us. She was more open than on our previous visit.


Churning for Income

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


We have a significant development in the village of Al- Khalidiya! Um Ahmed has used the milk that she got from the goats and she bought a machine to help her produce cheese, milk, and butter. Now she takes her productions and sells to her neighbors, giving her a source of income for her and her family. She is very proud and thankful for this project.


GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader


A Young Man Listens

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


In Al-Khalidya, Um Ahmen benefits from her goats’ milk which is used to make butter. She also earns money by selling the milk to her neighbors. Sadly, she lost her mother goat after she gave birth to a new-born kid. The mother goat had pregnancy poison.


In Mowaqar Village, there is one pregnant goat.


Celebrating a Growing Herd

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


Our team visited Maliha and we spent such quality time with her.  She was very encouraged by our visit to her simple home. The houses in her village are not fancy and they are not big. They are made of cement, and usually they are just one or two rooms. They do not use couches but instead they use mattresses to sit on. That’s the Bedouin style.


Training Host Families

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


Maliha, in Mufradat Village, has six pregnant goats and they will give birth within a month and a half. In Al-Khalidea Village, Um Ahmad has two pregnant goats that will give birth to new kids within two weeks. She also has three new kids who were recently born.


Preparing for Winter

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


In Um Battma Village, we had a new baby goat this month. There are also several pregnant goats waiting to deliver their kids. The hosting family was preparing for the winter season as it gets very cold in the north. They were thinking of suitable ways to protect the goats from the cold and prepare for the season. As part of this preparation process, the hosting family gave the goats needed vaccinations so that they won’t get sick and lose them.