A Goat Loan Programme is Starting

Sindh Province, Pakistan


Our village outreach programme is helping the community to raise the resources from their own villages. Presently, we are reaching 21 different villages to uplift the community. Our recent programmes are making a difference. FAITH (Food Always In The Home) gardens are helping the community to deal with food needs. FAITH gardens and self-help groups are providing more opportunities to share and make strong relations. 


During August, we visited 6 different villages for follow-up and training. We are going to start a Goat Loan Programme in different villages to help and uplift the community. Many villagers are living hand-to-mouth, and this will be a great initiative for them. We have also been able to visit the market to see the good goats. 


We already have chosen 15 families from different villages to participate in this stage of the programme. In the coming weeks, we will deliver the goats to them. Each family will receive 2 goats. 


Marziyah* said, “Since you have  come to our village and helped us with training and sustainability, we are growing. These goats will be very helpful for us to save money and extend the animals in my family. Now we will use the milk from these goats and use the money for other things.”


Thank you!


Partner TCD Worker

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Marziyah" is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.