Goats on the Go!

Attir Village, Kenya


Since GHNI entered the Attir Village community, great and steady improvement has been visible. GHNI has continually endeavoured to change the way people should think about providing the basics of food and water for their community. Their vision of earning income has been expanded beyond solely livestock. Other venues have been wisely introduced. 


After GHNI noticed a one-track dependency in raising livestock, which sadly did not earn the people any real income during the drought season, they introduced the VSLA (Village Savings and Loaning Association) programme to the Attir community. This programme encouraged the villagers to save money and then use the money to invest in a business that would in turn uplift their standard of living.


Mzee Paul is one such microloan beneficiary who joined the programme and received a loan. He started buying goats from locals and taking them to the market and selling them. Mzee Paul has since taken his business to another level. With the profit he received from the goat market, he used to buy a motorbike which he now uses to transport people to Isiolo. He is now able to provide for his family, pay necessary fees, and save some money for future use. Paul is so very grateful to GHNI for helping him and his family.


Thank you,