Good Things are Happening in Children!

Helwan Village, Egypt

Be encouraged for the change that we see among the children. John, who is six years old, now does not say any bad words and does not use any insulting words. He didn’t reply to an insult with an insult. Instead, he replied, “May God forgive you, for your insult or hit.”

We have experienced this month many good things. To start our activity, we did all the painting and finishing work of rooms. Also, we noticed that there is no love among the kids. Everyone acted with a lot of selfishness. So we had an event to teach about being kind and loving to others, and 70 kids attended.

In order to meet the needs of this region, we prepared a medical check-up day to check their blood sugar and blood pressure measurements. Based on the results, we distributed the needed medicine for about 18 individuals.

It would be great if you would share in our desire for healing of the children from their winter colds. They need medicines to treat colds, cough, and diarrhea, for a good health, and energy for our staff.


GHNI National Field Leaders, Egypt