Great Accomplishment Amidst Trials

Myat Hlae Village, Myanmar


I want to highlight the progress story of the community for this month’s report regarding the accomplishment of more toilets built in the village. As you have heard about all the conflict in the area, it was totally impossible to focus on community work. Villagers are scared and struggling to live, and the road accessing the village has been closed. However, we are so encouraged to see that they were faithful to their commitment.


This month, another four new toilets have been built, again, under the sanitation project of GHNI for the purpose of advancing community wellness. It took them more time to finish the work due to the conflict. Since the fighting was getting worse, the level of anxiety and fear of the villagers had risen without knowing what might have happened. They could not work in this chaos.


Finally, the commitment drove them to finish the work. The toilets they had built were all concrete and strong, well designed, and good quality. The most important point is that the families have received a wellness lesson on the importance of using the toilet by our village trainers and leaders. That assures us that they will surely use the toilet and improve family health. We are thankful for their hard work!