Group Efforts Spring Up

This community is coming together to effect lasting change! Through a lot of hard work, this group of people is seeing real growth . . . literally. Here’s the story straight from GHNI Ethiopia.

Megaladi Village, Ethiopia

“The people in Megaladi Village are now inspired after seeing the transformation in the neighboring village of Garmaam. They have dug three ponds to irrigate the two hectares (over four acres) of land in the community farm.

“They have prepared the land and GHNI has provided them with special seed for the three Transformational Community Development (TCD) groups. Now almost the entire field is covered by different vegetables.

“The group members water the field every day with all of the group members actively participating. They are very eager to see the same transformation in their lives and village as well. Two of our GHNI TCD Workers are helping them in this effort.”