Growing Healthy Families

Đorgovska mahala Village, Serbia


Incredible strides are being made as we are continuing to work hard to bring about lasting transformation in the village of Đorgovska mahala. Currently, we have two groups of women with over 20 members and one group of children who meet regularly. We are focusing on helping them improve their physical and moral well-being.


For the children, we present lessons on a healthy lifestyle so that they can control and even prevent certain diseases. They learn to keep the area around their house clean. There are cases where children have raised blood sugar, so we talked about diet control and disease prevention.


With the donation from an NGO, the houses were renovated, bathrooms were built, and roofs of houses were changed, so the people will have better living conditions. So far, only a small number of apartments had bathrooms and hygiene was low.


Thanks to the Transformational Community Development (TCD) group, we have launched families to keep better hygiene and prevent poor sanitation that leads to illness. With the transfer of knowledge and the improved conditions, they image of the settlement has changed.


Alisa and Jelena have joined our TCD group. They have problems in their marriages, but in our training they learn about love and respect for their spouses. Their marriage relationships are gradually changing for the better. They want healthy marriages and healthy families.


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