Growing Her Own Future

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Last month, we shared about the widow Duleti living in Harowayo Village. She has become a model member of the Agriculture Group. After she saw the benefit from the group’s harvest, she decided to develop her own farmland near her compound. Duleti produces different types of vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, and carrots. Now, with her income growing, she can help her three children attend school and buy their school supplies and uniforms.


TCD Update


Water – The Water Committee prepared a pond for irrigation purposes. It also trained the community on how to purify drinking and cooking water to protect them from waterborne diseases.

Food – The Agriculture Group members planted 113 mango trees. They are preparing additional farmland for avocado and papaya trees. These fruiting plants are drought-resistant trees.


Income Generation – The Income Generation group members received three goats each, and now the group members have started their milk-selling business. They collect milk from the villagers and sell it in the town, which helps them increase their income.


Education – The school dropout rate increased during previous months because of the faltering peace situation in south Ethiopia. Currently, the situation has improved and the number of children who attend school has increased. The Education Committee plays a crucial role in this growth.


Wellness – Nine households in Harowayo Village have built toilets in their compounds after they received training from the Wellness Committee and TCD workers in the village.

Thank You!


GHNI National Field Leader