From Guarded to Safeguarding Others

Shobra Al Khima Village, Egypt


A Shy Woman Gains the Right Relationships

Karima was one of the ladies who attended our Transformational Community Development (TCD) meetings. She was very shy in her interactions with people and lived alone, avoiding meeting anyone. After she joined TCD, her life changed. As a result of her continuous participation and interaction in the group, she decided to develop relationships with others. She and her friends decided to provide assistance to poor people.


Karima said, “I decided with one of my friends to help a sick woman who had brain atrophy and was unable to move on her own. I am very happy now because I have changed. I love to help the marginalised and the poor. I learnt to have the right relationships.”


Learning to Love Difficult People

A child named Vera participated in TCD and said, "I used to hate two of my peers because they gossip and do not like others. When I saw them, I was annoyed and kept beating them. I learnt a lesson about love in the TCD programme, and how that lack of love makes me not live in peace, joy, and success. I decided to accept them and love them as they are, and when they talk about anyone, I will advise them, but I will not hate them.”


Thank you,

Azmy, Hanaa, Miriam

GHNI TCD Workers