Hand Pump + Kitchen Garden = Sustainability

Katuwaghat Village, Nepal


The villagers of Katuwaghat Village are seeing that their lives have been changing, day after day. By seeing this change, other villagers also became interested in Transformational Community Development (TCD). The number of members in the TCD group has increased. We found that many villagers are becoming self-sustaining. Because of the TCD teaching, villagers learnt to live in harmony in the community. They started to live good social lives and being united in the community. People started respecting others. People have learnt to live a peaceful life. Before, they had racial discrimination and gender discrimination but now racial and gender discrimination have been decreasing. This was the special outcome of this quarter of TCD activity.


Sreva’s* Success Story

My name is Sreva. I live in Morang district Dhanapal Dakuwadanga Village. There are seven members in my family. I am very happy with the TCD programme. Through the classes, I have learnt many good things and I became very inspired in my life. Because of TCD, I am self-sustaining. In our village, there was no good and safe drinking Water. I had to walk a very long way to bring Water, with no help, even from my husband. His habit was not good. He used to drink wine and used to slap me. He was careless and not responsible to the family. When the TCD programme started in our village and taught us about doing kitchen gardening, I started vegetable gardening, but there was a problem with Water. I had to bring Water from far away and it was very hard. The TCD programme taught us to ask about the Water Programme of the government and, with the help of TCD workers, we went to the Ward Office. Finally, they provided us with a hand pump. I am very happy because of the TCD teaching and training. Now I don’t have to go far away to bring Water for my family and the kitchen garden. Because of TCD, I am inspired to move ahead without fear. I know how to be self-sustaining. Thank you.


Thank you!




*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Sreva" is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.