Hard Work Transforms Lives

Gem Village, Kenya


Three years have passed and GHNI’s goal of transforming the lives of the poor, hidden and hurting has been reached in many focus areas. Mama Salina is a middle-aged mum of six children who were once left in total darkness after the death of their father, who they and Salina loved dearly. Life was tough for her since she wasn’t being helped by anyone. Mama Salina started a new life of going to the bush to make charcoal and sell it in town to provide for her children. It was a hard life because burning the charcoal was so hectic and she’d have to walk long distances in the sun with a heavy sack of charcoal on her back. She would search for customers but if no one bought the charcoal, her children would go to sleep hungry. 


In 2017, GHNI extended their Community Transformational Development (TCD) programme to Gem Village and Mama Salina happened to be in the single mum group supported financially by GHNI. She now has a business of selling goats in a nearby market which has made a big difference in her life. She is now able to provide for her children from the profits she makes and, because of her hard work, she has expanded her business and bought a motorbike which brings her 300 shillings every day. Mama Salina is now a living testimony to many who knew how she struggled earlier in life. She is so grateful to GHNI for their support which has made her life more meaningful. 


GHNI National Field Leader