Blog: Harowayo

Expanding Proven Success

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


In Harowayo Village, the Transformational Community Development (TCD) groups have been working hard. A few months ago, the government agriculture office visited our irrigation project. They were amazed by our TCD work and were not expecting what we’ve accomplished.


Night Lessons

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


In Harowayo Village, some of the villagers have been attending Transformational Community Development (TCD) training during the night time. Most of the Borana people value time for discussion and other social affairs during the night. During the day, all the men and children are watching their cows and the goats out in the bush.


Motivated to Work!

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Kebeni is 35-years-old and lives in Harowayu Village. He is married and has two children.


Kebeni’s story is different from many group members’. He used to spend most of his time drinking the local alcohol. Most of the villagers were not expecting he would ever become a good person.


Expanding Agricultural Development

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Harowayo Village is one of those hit hardest by drought. The Agriculture Group from this village is using a retention pond. Unfortunately, the villagers told the group not to use this pond for agriculture irrigation, because they do not have other sources of water for drinking.


The drought is severe, so the water content of the pond is declining. If these villagers do not get rain very soon, the problem will become very difficult.


Prospering at Home

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Kegela and Dembi, friends living in Harowayo Village, are both married, with three and four children respectively. They both were moving place to place to look for pasture for their cattle. Life was very difficult for them. Sometimes they would not see their families for up to six months while they stayed with their cows.  


Guyo’s Plans to Diversify

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Guyo lives in Harowayo Village. He is 48 years old, married, and has five children. Guyo was the first person in Harowayo Village attracted by the Transformational Community Development (TCD) strategy. He immediately became a member of the Agriculture Group. Guyo is also a member of the TCD Agriculture Committee.