Healing Through Relationships

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl​​


Throughout December, we taught the women about the stages of personality development and that a person's personality starts developing during childhood. We spoke about the disadvantages of being secluded from others when growing up and how it makes a person lonely when they get older and don’t have anyone to care about them.  An older lady said that she doesn't have any children, so she has friends from her community center, and she develops her relationships with them. She said that she's so grateful for those friendships.


During the last three months, we talked about failure, domestic violence, stubbornness, midlife problems, and personality development. We also learned about the principles of child discipline, planting and harvesting, and held a clothes fair. Next quarter, we plan on having a feast celebration, a Mother’s day celebration, a sewing training, and crafts. We will also discuss one’s purpose in life, purity, etiquette, and doing good deeds. We plan to also teach the women about communication between spouses, bitterness, and diabetes.


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl


At the end of 2018, some of the children shared the changes that happened in their lives during the year. Kirollos is 11 years old and said that his mom was always mad at him because he hadn’t been organized. He would throw his school supplies everywhere in the house and he lived in a mess. He also hadn’t been studying or doing his homework. But after listening to the lesson about being organized, he went home and organized his clothes and books, and he also started catching up on his studies.


During the last three months we addressed many issues, including wellness, relationships, and financial matters. We conducted diabetes analyses, blood pressure monitoring, distributed medications, and made three pairs of prescription glasses. We also gave a lesson about eye diseases and talked about the importance of wearing glasses.


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GHNI National Field Leader