Healing Wounds and Teaching Minds

House of Ruth, Jordan


This month, 160 patients attended the House of Ruth clinic. This included children, teenagers, adults and elderly villagers. Our doctor treated all the patients and gave medical advice as usual. The clinic also continues to provide the villagers with the majority of their medication needs.

A 3-year-old young girl was one of the patients seen at the clinic. Revana is a Syrian refugee who has been living with her family in Maadaba since 2013. The family had visited a private clinic because Revana had a high fever and difficulty with swallowing. She received treatment, but it had no benefit, so the mother brought her to our clinic with similar symptoms. After a clinical examination, she was diagnosed with severe follicular tonsillitis. The doctor gave her medicine to treat her condition in addition to some instructions concerning general hygiene. He also gave them some dietary information as they are living in bad sanitary conditions.

After three days, Revana came back to the clinic. The infection was cured, and her general health was very good. The mother was thankful and grateful for our services, not only the medical services but also for all the instructions and psychological support that she had been given. These refugees usually suffer from bad psychological situations which causes a deterioration of their health. However, the doctor tries to help them by supporting them psychologically.


Computer Class

We have nine students this month and they finished the basics of Windows 7 and started with Microsoft Word. The response was very good, and the students were happy and so excited to learn more about the computer. The plan is for them to complete Microsoft Word.


Sewing Class

The women are doing well in the sewing class. They are now learning how to take measurements for tailoring, how to use the machine, and how to make the design on paper and then make the clothes. Classes are given to Syrian and Jordanian ladies, and there are four women in each class.


Mosaic Class

This month, the first group of ladies made 51 mosaic panels. Now we have another group of ladies who started another course. They finished the first step of learning the basic principles of mosaic. They will now start the second step which is learning how to work with their hands. The plan is to make 21 pieces of mosaic panels by the end of this month.


GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader