Health Awareness Improves Quality of Life

Gem Village, Kenya


Mama Nakuro has been a resident of Gem Village for over 20 years. She lived in a small house with her family of nine children. Some have married and four are still teenagers. The small house served as a bedroom, sitting room, dining room, bathroom, and kitchen, as well. Not only that, it even served as home for their small chicken and two goats. 


The family thought all was well until we happened to visit their homestead to assess the needs in the village, only to realise that they are in a real health crisis and moral decay, as the whole family shared the only two beds available.


The next time we visited the village, we took time with Mama Nakuro and her husband to share with them some basic health issues and how they are setting a bad foundation for their children’s future. They responded very positively and they took a step and constructed a small structure for the three boys outside. Mama Nakuro started cooking the family food outside, and for the first time, she also plans to make a semi-permanent structure for her kitchen. 


Before we helped them, they had a lot of health issues, from chest infections to skin diseases. But they appreciated the GHNI staff members who took the initiative to enlighten them on many issues that have been a real concern for many years.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


  • Water: Water supply is a real challenge since the rain was scarce. Thankfully, the borehole has been drilled and the solar panel has yet to be installed.
  • Food: There are no farms in this area, since water is also a big problem. Villagers use the river water for domestic use.
  • Income generation: Many have expanded their business unlike before. Others have settled their soft loans and are continuing on very well. That is a good indicator of transformation.
  • Education: Most children are attending school.
  • Wellness: The CHWs have been well liked and recognised by the Ministry of Health to reach the community with support and knowledge. We’ve set up a programme where we visit five homes every week to bring transformation to many families before we complete our five year term. 


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader