Health Lessons Saving Lives

Ɖorgovska mahala, Serbia


Last month, we focused on promoting the Transformational Community Development (TCD)  focus of Health, specifically eye health. This is because people have no understanding that, even though in some cases the illness can go away without symptoms, the problem can be very serious when it is discovered too late.


Dobrosava is part of our TCD group.  She recently realised that she could not see despite wearing glasses.  During the course of eye health TCD lessons, she found that her symptoms were attributed to cataracts.  An eye doctor confirmed the diagnosis, but she was soon thereafter quickly admitted to the hospital for pain in one eye, which was diagnosed as glaucoma. Dobrosava’s eye condition was bad and she lost sight in one eye. Fortunately, the second eye was saved following glaucoma therapy, thanks to the recognised symptoms of cataract.


People in the mahala have never heard of glaucoma, so they did not know the dangers of vision-destroying glaucoma and blindness. Through TCD lessons, the locals took responsibility for their health and went for preventative examinations for eye pressure, with several of them receiving necessary therapy. Diabetics are at a particular risk and the locals realised the severity of the problem was worsened by not seeing an eye doctor.  People in the mahala recognise TCD as something that is good for their lives and are very grateful to TCD.


Thank you!


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