Health Programmes Focus on Hygiene

Binodpur Village, India


Women in Binodpur Village constitute a sizable number, and poor health facilities cause concern. This situation motivated Bharat, as part of Transformational Community Development (TCD), to plan Health awareness programmes where women could freely express and consult about health-related issues. 


Since Bharat is a man, he felt awkward about conducting the workshop alone. He reached out to a female government healthcare worker named Malai. She happily agreed to come and give Health awareness lessons to village women. 


We recently held a women's Health workshop focussed on sanitary health practices. Typically, village women have used cloths and not sanitary products. Mala taught them that cloths were unsanitary and could cause infections and other diseases. 


The other concern for them was that they would not be able to buy expensive sanitary products. Mala assured them that she could provide good quality napkins at affordable rates. The women greatly benefited from the workshop. Now, they are more aware of hygienic practices. Bharat hopes that these Health lessons will change the women's habits and that they will be healthy and happy during their difficult days. 


Bharat is continuing TCD work in Binodpur Village through Binodpur Primary School. This month, he taught some morals using a video. He encouraged students to keep the school campus clean. Bharat recently changed the name Child Development Programme (CDP) to Child Development Initiative (CDI). After summer vacation, he plans to open a tutoring centre at his house. Bharat's vision is to provide quality education at affordable rates for primary education.


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