Healthier Oil from Their Crops

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


This November, farmers of Dhoker Jhara Village focused on a new crop option. Since the climatic conditions were not good this year, productivity of rice had fallen. Villagers were advised to grow mustard in large amounts.


Earlier, farmers used to grow mustard and sell it to other villagers. They also exchanged it for mustard oils. As a result, they did not get pure oil despite the growing of mustard. The reason behind this was that they were not aware that the mustard oil they exchanged for mustard seed was not pure. Exchanging mustard seed for mustard oil was easy for them, but it was harmful for their health. There were mills nearby where mustard oil was yielded from mustard seeds, but villagers preferred exchanging seeds for oil. This was due to unawareness and their motive was to just get oil. They didn’t know of the health issues related to it.


Through Transformational Community Development (TCD), villagers were taught that exchanging or selling the mustard seeds produced by their hard work would only get them impure oil, which is harmful to their health. So, our TCD workers explained that they should grow mustard and yield oil from their own supply, rather than selling it. This will be profitable financially and for their health, as well.