Healthier Ways to Live & Think

Helwan Village, Egypt

Children of Helwan

A young girl, Fatima, always attends our social development lessons at the headquarters of our organisation, where we have weekly lessons for 50 children. After attending a lesson on health and hygiene and participating in games with other children, Fatima came in front of all the kids and shared what she learned last week about personal hygiene under the theme, “I Will Shower Every Day”.  Before taking this lesson, her family did not bathe daily, where they lived over the mountain. She told her father and mother what she learned in the Foundation Class about how they could avoid catching diseases conveyed by flies, who live in abundance in the Alzraib area. Fatima now washes her hands well and consistently, especially before and after eating, and takes a shower every day.

Women of Helwan

In our women's weekly meeting, the subject of "comparing with others" was discussed. We taught them that it’s not a good idea is not to compare ourselves with others, whatever the circumstance. As we ate, we discussed how it’s not good to compare yourself with others, compare children with others, and comparing husbands. There are negative consequences and damages that result from these comparisons. After completing the lesson, I asked them comprehension questions and gave compliments to everyone who dared to give an answer.

The following week, I asked the ladies if they could really live without making comparisons. One lady, Michael, said that during the week she began to compare herself to the other ladies who answered last week and received compliments, and it bothered her. But then she remembered the lesson and realised the key point in the lesson was not to compare ourselves with others and looking at negatives, so she began to look on the positive side. Michael said, “I will no longer compare myself with others again, and I will be thankful for what I have.”

GHNI National Field Leader