Healthy Handwashing

Jatapara Village, India


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


Water - The government started supplying water in Jatapara Village.  


Food - Before the beginning of the rainy season, farmers were taught about cultivating different types of rice in their fields. They were told about rice that gives good yield even during drought. This year many farmers have followed what they learned in TCD classes and planted their paddies with seeds of which yield is high even with less water. In rice cultivation, rain plays a major role at the time of harvest. If it rains during the time of harvest, it destroys the crop and causes problems at the time of harvesting. In the last week of September, we received severe rainfall so farmers will have to face major problems with harvesting this year.

Income Generation - Some villagers go to the local market to sell fast food (prepared food).


Education - Students are regularly going to school.


Wellness - A drainage system has been built along the roadside to drain rainwater. The people residing in the houses near the drains were taught how to keep the drain neat, clear, and clean so as to prevent mosquitoes breeding in the drain and reduce the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. Most of the families did not give this task the importance it deserved, but there are few families that understood the need and importance of keeping the drain clean. They clean the drain twice a week. 


Earlier, a man named Surai did not clean the drain as he did not know how. Two women who had taken TCD classes, Priskila and Pakuti, were trained regarding the cleaning of drains. They regularly cleaned his drain and, upon seeing this, Surai followed their example and now regularly cleans the drain himself.


In Jatapara, children do not wash their hands after going to the toilet, or they wash their hands with dirty water. Through TCD, we taught the children to wash their hands properly with soap so that all the dirt and germs are washed away from their hands. They were also taught about how germs enter our body with food because of dirty hands. This causes many diseases in children and their mental development is at risk because of some of these diseases. We taught it is necessary to wash hands with soap at least twice a day.


Thank you!