Healthy Homes

Shambani Village, Kenya


Our wellness lessons in Shambani are ongoing each week as the community brainstorms ways to meet the challenges faced every day. This month we taught home hygiene after a large outcry from the villagers because of widespread lice and bedbugs across the community. Everyone shared their nightly ordeals with the bugs and we realized how great the concern was. We took the initiative to visit a few homes to confirm the problem. Then we held two days of lessons on how to get rid of these insects that can sometimes kill.


GHNI’s next step was to select a small group of villagers, provide them with chemicals and challenge them to spray the houses infected with the bugs. We also challenged the community to take showers once a day and to wash their beddings in hot water and take them out to the hot sunshine to dry. This will help them live in a clean environment.


Mr. Kanra and his family benefitted from this program. They put all we taught them into practice and now lice and bedbugs are just history in their village. The Shambani community is appreciating the efforts of GHNI-Kenya and they are practicing proper hygiene in every home.