Healthy Hygiene Habits Encouraged

Kharibari Village, India


Apart from reshuffling the committee in Khairbari Village, we have pursued the local authorities for solar panels and a PHE water connection. We have been assured by them that these amenities will be provided as soon as possible.


Our committee is making sure that every family is using the toilet and no one is practicing open defecation. Most families are using toilets, but the older members of the families are difficult to convince and they prefer open defecation. We are trying to educate all in this regard. 


Children are learning well in the Saturday special English classes, but since English is not their primary language they are challenged to remember it. Yet, they have mastered the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and other lessons in English.


After the TOT training, we are continuing meeting together every month and we had two subsequent follow up meetings. During one such meeting, we decided to have a Committee Training before actually starting TCD. Accordingly, we had a Committee Training from last month where about 35 youths and laymen participated. They came from four different community groups and seven different locations.


TCD Update


  • Water: Two wells were cleaned and 19 families are now boiling water before drinking it.
  • Food: Villagers have no shortage of vitamins and carbohydrates but lack protein. Two families reported having a balanced diet at every meal.
  • Income Generation: Last quarter, the villagers’ main source of income was the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) where they earned a good amount. One housewife used to sell wine and local rice beer. I often encouraged her to open a grocery shop. She is now planning to start a grocery shop in the village but needs some funding.  
  • Education: This quarter, the evening tutoring has stopped as there was no teacher available, but in four families, children are having study time every evening.
  • Wellness: No major sickness to report except a few cases of viral fever. Now villagers quickly go to the hospital and not the witch doctor. Children are behaving better and they are not using crude language, which is very common in village.


Thank you!