Healthy Prospects

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

Our poplar tree project is a masterpiece in the Valley of Ali, and recently we visited. Leaves are falling and the trees have grown in comparison to previous years, because we had plenty of water this year.

Many people didn't know about this kind of tree, and now have been inspired to plant hybrids on their own land. Year after year, we see the applicants for poplar cuttings increasing because they have seen the results and how these trees are suited for this cold climate.

According to a local government plan, the trees will be spread and promoted throughout Y District. Thousands of cuttings have been distributed to farmers, and the local people enthusiastically want to grow them and earn income. The goal is to promote poplar trees in these villages and prevent farmers from planting opium.

The project has expanded to the Kabul province. GHNI gave hybrid poplar cuttings to farmers and after one year, GHNI will buy cuttings from their trees. Khalil is one of the farmers who received cuttings in the spring. He has worked hard in caring for the trees and they are in very good condition. He hopes that he will be able to sell their cuttings back to GHNI and to other farmers next year. Khalil is also optimistic that he will be able to sell logs from the hybrid trees in a few years. He is thankful for GHNI–Afghanistan for creating an income opportunity for him.   

Thank you for supporting these farmers in their persistent work to make life better for their families and country. Your help is growing this vitally necessary resource!

-GHNI-Afghanistan Team


*For purposes of security and well-being, “Valley of Ali” is a pseudonym of the village being helped by this project.