Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

This last quarter, we introduced a lesson about boundaries in relationships between family and friends. One thing they learned was that there should be privacy for each family member. At the lesson, it was shared that there was a problem between two ladies, Isis and Om Sami, who were relatives. There were many issues dramatically affecting them.

After class, I sat with them and spoke with them about the interference occurring in the relationship among their families. We talked about how to set boundaries in the relationship without hate, and how to respect the privacy of each other without interfering. We set some guidelines for them for the coming week and I followed up with them to see how they were doing.

I found that they had committed themselves toward these changes, so we added more guidelines. After two weeks, they were very happy with this new way of relationship. They said, “Now we are better and without problems. Boundaries are protecting our relationship from problems and fighting.”

Service Projects

In the last few months, we accomplished a wide variety of service projects. We held a fun trip for 37 children. Lessons were taught on topics such as humility, being an example, serving others, and proper nutrition. In the future, we plan to continue offering lessons for the children and women. Projects to help families raise their household income will also be in the works.

Farhan & Lydia

GHNI National Field Leaders