A Heart Broken Over and Over

Iraqi Refugees in Jordan

The story of Hirem is heart breaking. He came to us trying to hold his tears back, but he couldn’t hold them long. Once he began telling us all that happened to him, and all that he and his family suffered, tears were running down like rain. He tried to stop himself from crying in front of us, as he is an old and respected father. You could sense how desperate he was, how helpless and in need, too. *Hirem has suffered a lot in his life, especially the past two years, and his heart is broken.

Hirem is from Bagdad, and he used to be an interpreter for the deaf and dumb in his own centre. People in his neighbourhood thought he was working with Americans, as he had American teams visit and support his centre.

On May 5, 2012, his only son was killed by three shots in his head. His son was 24 years old - very young. Later on, his wife got kidnapped by an unknown group. They kept her for six days and tortured her. When she got back, she couldn’t walk on her legs again. She now uses a wheel chair to move from one place to another.

After a few weeks, some people attacked his house and started to shoot his house. He didn’t know if they were the same group or not, but he was shocked by that. It’s unexpected, or at least it shouldn’t be expected right?! Anyway, this time he got shots in his legs, causing him to stay at the hospital for four days. After everything, he didn’t lose hope, and he and his family came to Jordan.

Here in Jordan, he had a lot to deal with also, but he came to us this time because his five-year-old daughter was really sick. She just had a strong cough for several days and he thought it would end soon, but it didn’t. Hirem took her to the hospital and they gave her medicine, but the little girl didn’t get any better. He took her to the doctor and they discovered that she has cancer. This is one of the greatest hits he’s gotten. He was full of sorrow and his eyes were so red.


GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader, Jordan

*For purposes of security and well-being, “Hirem” is a pseudonym of the person being helped by this project.