Heart Surgery for a Needy Child

Refugees in Jordan


Iraqi Refugees

This first month of the year, we have distributed food boxes and blankets to some Iraqi families. The COVID-19 crisis has affected many people, especially refugees. We are trying to reach more of the hidden ones and help those who are hopeless as well. We encourage them and share our love. Some of the families who have received help have sent us videos of thanksgiving for helping and supporting them. 


Syrian Refugees

Issami* is from Syria. He was studying business and management. When the war started in Syria, he left his education. The country was in very bad condition. There were bombings everywhere and unknown armed groups arresting the men, forcing them to join their groups. Issami left Syria and came to Jordan. He stayed at al Zaraty camp. 


Issami is married and has four children. One of his children, Reema*, is five years old. When Reema was two years old, she started to lose weight and her face was becoming red. Her parents took her to the hospital. They found out that she had heart problems, and that she needed open-heart surgery. 


Issami didn’t have the money for the surgery. He couldn’t do much or work because he is a refugee in Jordan. One of our volunteers who connected us with children who are in need of heart surgery, met Issami. He knew about Reema's health issues, shared a word of love and introduced her to us.

Reema had the heart surgery. She is doing pretty well and looks healthy. Our team visited Reema and her mother at the hospital. The mother was so very happy and thankful for our help. She said, "How did you find us? You saved my daughter’s life! I was watching my daughter everyday with tears flooding my eyes as I could not do anything for her. I was hoping yet hopeless, waiting for help to come."


Just before our team left, they gave a word of hope and encouragement to Reema and her family. They also gave her some gifts such as toys, clothes, and shoes. 


Yemeni Refugees

Abia* is a Yemeni refugee woman. She is married and has four children. Abia’s husband owned a grocery shop in Yemen. They were happy and alright until the war started in Yemen. They lost their house and their business. Abia and her husband decided to come to Jordan seeking a safe place for their children. After arriving in Jordan, they registered as refugees but are still waiting to be settled.


Here in Jordan, Abia’s husband was working at a restaurant, but, because of the COVID-19 crisis, the restaurant closed, and he was not paid. They are in a very bad situation and suffering a lot. He is now trying to find work to meet his family needs. He posted an ad for cleaning houses. 


We help Abia and encourage her during this harsh time by meeting some of her family’s needs such as, food boxes, clothes, milk and diapers for her children. We also gave her some furniture. 


Thank you,



GHNI Assistant National Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Issami”, “Reema”, and “Abia” are pseudonyms for the individuals being helped by this project.