Hearts and Minds

Isiolo Empowerment Centre, Kenya


GHNI Kenya has done a lot to help villagers in our area through Transformational Community Development (TCD) programmes. Our Empowerment Centre will now accelerate and supplement what we are doing each and every week in the villages. 


Our Training Centre trains both hearts and minds. The students have taken the initiative to support orphaned children in the village. They are making them school uniforms free of charge as a way to support families who are going through tough times due to the COVID-19 crisis. Many families are going through a financial crisis. Many women walk from house to house washing clothes for Somali women and hence earn a living but today that kind of movement has been limited and a lot of small businesses are suffering losses. This kind gesture was a great step for our Empowerment Centre students and has challenged many to appreciate our programme.


As GHNI-Kenya, we are excited to give dignity to humanity by empowering and changing the destiny of poor families who are in terms extending their hearts in generosity to those who need it most during these times. 


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader