Help & Hope for a Widow

Duleti lives in Harowayo Village. She is married and has four children. Her husband died three years ago, so life was very difficult for her family, as the burden of supporting the family fell upon her. She was recruited by the village leaders to join the Agriculture Group. Duleti is working hard and now earns enough money to support her children. Since she joined, she has earned more than 32,000 birr (about $1,100) in the last two years. Now, three of her children can attend school


TCD Update

Water—The Water Committee is teaching the community how to purify water for drinking and cooking. Most of the residents are benefiting from the bio sand filter.

Food—The Agriculture Group members produce and harvest cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and onions. They have earned more than 12,000 birr (about $425).

Income Generation—The Income Generation group recently took training, like other villages, on how to start small businesses to support themselves, apart from the Goat Loan Program. After the training, most of the attendees said it will greatly help them earn more income. They can also observe how other villagers benefited from that.

Education—Just as in the other villages, in Harowayo, the Education Committee has spread awareness within the community as to why they ought to send their children to school. Because of this, 32 children registered to attend school. The committee prepared to distribute school materials and school uniforms.

Wellness—In Harowayo Village, the Wellness Committee spread awareness within the community about why having a toilet is very important in order to protect the children and the family from disease. Seventeen toilets have been constructed in seventeen households.

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