Helpful Life Lessons

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


In July, we presented a lesson about patience. After ten days, a lady called Narges shared that she learnt the lesson very well. She's so happy with the organziation and the lessons presented there, especially the lesson about patience, because she needed to hear it and to learn how to apply it in her life.


She said she is patient, but there's still something in her life that she's hasty in—talking. Narges is quick when responding to people and quick in judging them, even if they are her relatives, neighbors, or friends, and this has caused her so many problems. Most of the people get angry at her because of her hastiness and harsh words towards them. When she's angry, she becomes out of control and says words that hurt people.


Narges was annoyed with herself because of that, but after hearing the lesson, she kept working on herself and took care with every word she said. That made a change for the better in her life, and people started to notice that. They accepted her and became closer to her. She is thankful for the organization for what she learns from us and the lives changed.   

In the last quarter, we conducted the following activities for the ladies: a workshop on sewing handbags and bed covers, a show of old clothes, t-shirts, and shoes, a picnic for the ladies at a swimming pool, and a lesson on how to protect children from sexual abuse. For the children, we provided school supplies, a lesson on how to protect themselves from harm, first aid lessons, and time for crafts and coloring.



GHNI National Field Leader