Helping According to Their Needs

*DG Village, Nepal


This past quarter, community people gathered together to talk about how they can make an example for other community members. We have continued teaching lessons on Transformational Community Development (TCD) focusses of Income Generation, Wellness and Hygiene. We are also teaching the Children’s and Women’s Group. 


We are giving priority to help people according to their needs, making it comfortable as we help them. They placed income generation as their first priority. They want to overcome poverty. They started a micro-business, and now they are earning a good income and being a positive example in front of others in the community. They can now help their family. Most of the community women stay idle, but when they joined the group they become active and more productive. More community women are interested in learning about it. 


TCD Update


Water – As we are focussing on teaching the lessons about safe drinking water and disease prevention,  and villagers are more cautious and careful about waterborne diseases.


Food – We are teaching villagers to grow healthy food for their families.


Income Generation – Micro business and the Goat Loan Programme have been helpful and encouraging for families.


Education – Community villagers are joining the Women’s Literacy Classes and Children’s Classes. More children have started going to school. Our programme has been helpful to the community school.


Wellness – Villagers look neat and clean. They are keeping their houses and surrounding area clean. This is a good transformation that TCD is bringing. We are encouraging and teaching villagers healthy living. 


Thank you!



*For purposes of security, “DG Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.