Helping a Child Needing Heart Surgery

Refugees in Jordan


Iraqi Refugees

The past week was very cold and snowing. It was a tough week for refugees. We received many calls from Iraqi refugee families who were asking for blankets and food boxes. Our team responded immediately to their calls and requests.


Syrian Refugees

On the 8th of February we distributed 30 wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches for Syrian refugees and some Jordanians. The distribution took place in the village. Most of the wheelchairs that were distributed were the standard wheelchairs and two were for special cases. The distribution was handled by our hosting volunteers. It was sort of a live training, equipping them with confidence to depend on themselves without any help from our team in the near future.


Wanna’s* Story

Georgei* is a refugee from Syria. He is married and has three daughters. He was working at a restaurant in Syria. There were protests, and then the war started with explosions everywhere. They didn’t know what was going to happen. What prompted them to leave was mainly the arresting of men, forcing them to use weapons and join the fight. These armed groups were torturing all those who refused to join in. They needed to make the decision of leaving Syria and seek refuge in Jordan.


Georgei went into Jordan just before the war started. His family and wife were still in Syria. The journey for them wasn’t safe and very tough. They walked for hours in the desert. They stayed in tents for a couple of months until they were able to enter Jordan. They stayed at a camp until they moved on to the next village. They have been in Jordan since 2015. Jordan is a safe country, and the family is feeling at home. The father worked at a restaurant here as well. 


A week after Wanna's birth, Georgei and his wife found out that her skin color wasn’t normal. It was blue, and she was hardly able to take a breath. They took her to the doctor, and they learnt that she had Tetralogy of Fallot and was in need of surgery. Wanna was pretty small in size. Her weight and oxygen rate were low, therefore, they were not able to do the surgery. The doctor suggested having Patent Ductus Arteriosus surgery. After the operation, Wanna improved for five months, but the symptoms returned. 


Wanna's condition impacted her family, as her parents were shocked when they heard about it. They started thinking about how they could help their daughter. Georgei started to ask help from some people around him. He saw a post on Facebook about Global Hope Network International and the help we offer for the children who need heart surgeries. He contacted us regarding his daughter's case. They wished their daughter to be healthy, to recover fully, and to have a beautiful life.


Yemeni Refugees

We are continuing to support and help Yemeni families who have children, especially those who are unable to provide for the needs of the children. This week we supported four Yemeni women with baby supplies such as milk, diapers, clothes, toys, and other supplies. The women were very happy and feeling thankful to receive these gifts and support. They shared how their husbands cannot work and how difficult it is for them to provide and buy all the basic necessities for their children.


They also thanked the GHNI Jordan team for the love and care they showed them, especially in such hard days where they're desperate and in need of help. 


Thank you,



GHNI Assistant National Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing,  “Wanna”, and “Georgei” are pseudonyms for the individuals being helped by this project.