Helping Poor Families

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt


We had Transformational Community Development (TCD) Training of Trainers II (TOT2) for the Committee and volunteers in the village. Twenty-eight people attended four days of intensive training, focussing on setting goals, planning and starting groups for children and women. They shared what they learnt with community members on the last day of the training. They set goals and a plan for 2021.


Many women in Upper Egypt are poor. The COVID-19 pandemic also affected the economy of poor families. There is a weekly group for women in one of the villages. They wanted to help widows and poor families through a second-hand store. They collected used clothes and shoes from some of them, and some merchants made donations. The items were washed and ironed. An invitation was made to the poor families to choose what suits them at a very small price so that they could feel its importance.


One of the women who benefitted from that store is Nefret*. She said, "This winter would have passed without buying clothes for my children because of the lack of money, but, thanks to this store, I was able to buy clothes. I felt deep gratitude to the mothers who had the idea of the store."


This group of women, with their idea, was a source of comfort for the poor in the neighbourhood.


There is a Child Development Programme in the village. Children learn the principles of respect and love for others, cleanliness, and the preservation of the surrounding environment.


The children carried out a cleaning campaign for their primary school. They brought cleaning tools at their personal expense and some from their homes. In every class, they placed a trash bin. They cleaned the playground and the classes, hanging posters with words and phrases about hygiene awareness.


The principal of the school spoke words of encouragement to the children and told them that he is proud of them and hopes that they will continue in these types of community work and impact their generation.


There was a day for arts and colouring for the children of one of the villages. The Child Development Programme works to develop the skills and behaviour of children in the village. Every quarter, they have an arts and colouring day. Children were creative in using colours, and the leaders provided tools for the children.


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*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Nefret” is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.